Why Choose Us

We love construction and are passionate about providing quality renovations. We are often called by many home owners to finish projects that they started a long time ago.

The issues vary with unreliable subcontractors for some, while others thought they could manage the project themselves only to find there is a lot more to it that just hiring a few subcontractors and what they thought would be a 4 week project turns in to a 4 month project with them living in a construction zone.

This is very stressful and totally unnecessary as Cotswold Homes is very affordable and even has financing available. Many believe that hiring a Contractor is very expensive and the bigger contractors even more so, however this isn’t so with Cotswold Homes.

We are fully transparent in every step of the process. Providing a fully detailed estimate and showing all subcontractor bids, and showing our overhead and prit as separate line items. We also pass on all of our contractor discount which in some instances can be as high as 20% this saving alone can cover the majority of our cost compared to others and help build that equity in your home with your new improvements.

We both have the same goal in mind and that is to complete your project as efficiently as possible meeting the high quality that you deserve. All of our work comes with labor and manufacturer warranties.

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