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How We Can Help

Whether you are looking at buying bank owned, from auction, a distressed house for a flip or a rental we can help. We have been flipping homes successfully for ourselves, investors and many real estate developers for several years. We have forged strong relationships and repeat at clients.

Knowing this market extremely well we can help guide you to making the correct property decision, how far to go with improvements as well as approximate costings for resale or rental listing price. We have software that can show you how profitable you can be.

We have many sources of funding for fix and flips as well as rent and hold options.

As with all of our bids we are fully transparent and show all bids and costing to the owners. People often think that using a contractor is expensive and the bigger they are the more they cost. With our nonsense approach and bidding method we show this is not the case with Cotswold Homes and remodeling. We pass all of our Contractor saving on to the client which in some instances can be up to 20%.

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